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Believing in the Law of Attraction

July 15, 2011 by  
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If you are one of those people that have to have proof, who need to SEE it to believe it, then nobody can tell you it works, you have to do it yourself to SEE the proof. It’s like the ole ‘try it before you buy it’ saying then this is one of these things you are going to have to try before you buy that it works. And it does work! Stop trying to figure out where/how/when your manifestation is going to come! It’s not your job!
Start doing it, start thinking, believing, living and breathing postivity. Push every negative thought out of your mind, only let the good and positive thoughts in. Start doing this today! I know it’s hard but everytime a negative thought tries to creep in take a deep breath and think of something good or positive in your life at that moment. Once you start to do this it will get easier and easier to push away the negativity and let the good in and once you are able to do that you will SEE the change, the wonderful Law of Attraction at work!

The other thing you need to do is to start keeping a journal, I know it sounds silly but if you do this you will see the changes, it will be on paper for you to read and see and go back on as your ‘proof’ that it does work. Everytime something good or positive happens put that in your journal also, this way you can compare how you were feeling on a given day, what your thoughts were and how they corrolate with what the universe is giving you.  For example, let’s say yesterday was a bad day for you, you got up late, were late for work, had to work late, got a flat tire on the way home etc.

The day before you yelled at a waitress for screwing up your order, got mad at someone for going too slow in the fast lane, were mad at your kids for messing with your computer etc. Do you see where I am going??  Everything happens for a reason, and the reason you get negativity in your life is because that is what you put out in the universe, and so the universe believes that is what you deserve to get, the energy isn’t positive. So get going now, right this second, start your positive energy flowing and tomorrow see the incredible effects of The Law of Attraction!!