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Manifestation Spiral

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When you think of a spiral, you think of something going down. Imagine using that spiral to get rid of all of your negative energy, let it flow, let it spiral down until it is now longer visible, until you can no longer feel the negative energy that was once blocking your positive energy flow.

This spiral can also be used as a way of bring UP positive energy. Just imagine a pool of positive energy and you have a spiral straw, bring that positive energy up the straw and into your energy field, keep bringing it up until you are engulfed in positive energy. So you have a negative energy spiral that you let flow down until it is gone, and a positive energy flow that you bring up to fill your energy field.

The Law of Attraction dictates that when energy goes out, it comes back in the same form. This is not a new theory, just one that has not been fully understood or mastered. Our thoughts and energetic patterns create our reality. Yet, are we fully aware of what we are thinking and what type of energy we are putting out? On a surface level you may “think” you are doing one thing- but on another, more powerful level- something else is actually going on. This is what creates distortions in our energy fields and causes our own power of manifestation to be stagnant.

So let go of the negative and embrace the positive and you will see the change in your life very quickly!


Boost Your Manifestation Power

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You have tried everything, from visualization to affirmations and so forth and still you feel as if you are stuck and not getting anywhere fast. Well here are a few things that might help you along your way to boosting your manifestation power!

The Secret that Few People Know
You feel as if you are fighting an uphill battle and at any moment you are going to lose momentum and slip back to the beginning.  The secret to boosting your manifestation powers is the accumulation of energy, energy is power! If you want to accelerate your ability to manifest, boost your energy, energy is emotion and intention, positive emotions and intentions will increase your energy which in turn will boost your manifestation power!

How to Generate Magnetism

Good energy equals generated power. When you can create a strong core, a magnetic charge, you will literally pull your desires to you with very little effort! So, instead of having to work or go out to get what you desire, your desires will come to you!

 What Kills Your Dreams

This lack of understanding with the principles of manifesting causes many to get quite frustrated.  They start of by trying to create a vision board, they do affirmations but somehow they know that something is missing and soon enough they fail to create the results at all.  The secret is that they have not generated enough of a charge towards their desires.  Those people who insist that manifesting requires hard work do not understand that the human body and mind can work like a magnet creating an energy of magnetic energy that sucks their desires towards them.