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Getting What You Want from Who You Meet

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Getting people do do what you want is simple if you know how to use the Law of Attraction to get it. Whether it is product or service, whether you want your husband to mow the lawn or your child to clean up their room. If you know how to do it you can get it all done very simply and quickly.

How you may ask, how do I get someone to do what I want when in most cases it’s something I wouldn’t do myself? Well, if you can get them to WANT to do it then the battle is won. It isn’t about being a bully, or yelling and screaming, it’s about negotiation. Give them what they want and you will get what you want.

So how do you get others to do what you want? Simple. Give them what they want. That is the secret to attraction. And what is it that people want? Good health, love, and financial security are the basic desires of people.
One thing everybody wants more than anything else, is to be appreciated. Being appreciated and complimented makes a person feel important. When you feel important, you feel needed and wanted, and this gives you a reason for existing.

So, how do you make someone else feel important? Tell them. Show them. Give appreciation freely, honestly, and without reservation. Saying how appreciative you are for a favor received or a job well done will make the other person feel important and respected.

You may not be able to describe in words how being appreciated makes you feel when  the recipient, but you know that what you feel is real and priceless. To get what you want through attraction, show the other person that – if he does what you want him to do – it will, in turn, make him feel important.

Take charity for example. You want a contribution from a prospective donor. Even before the act of giving itself, the donor expects some from of appreciation from you and this, in turn, will give him a feeling of importance.

But appreciation doesn’t necessarily have to be expressed in words. A smile and a handshake could be sufficient, and they can come from both you and the donor.

The donor shows his feeling of being appreciated, while you show your appreciation for the contribution. A chemistry takes place. It’s a feeling both parties would enjoy happening many times over.  So, to get others to do what you want them to, you must give them something first. Make them feel special, important and appreciated.

But, be aware, your feelings must be genuine. You must truly appreciate the person as a fellow human being, and not just because they are doing something for you.

If you can truly feel that the person you are interacting with is important and worthy, and can convey those feelings to that person, you will get them to do what you want them to, and they will feel good about doing it for you.

This is the most powerful way to get what you want through attraction.

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