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Law of Attraction-Does it really work?

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Napoleon Hill wrote in his famous book “Think and Grow Rich” a few decades ago, yet to this day not many people understand exactly what he meant.  Someone not familiar with the concept of manifestation, this may seem like a nonsense,  but to someone who wants to succeed it is a powerful statement and within it contains life’s most prized secret.

The Law of Attraction states that like attracts like.  Everything begins with a thought or idea and the Law of Attraction plays a big role in manifesting the thought or idea, then it is not far off to say that thought attracts others with similar thoughts and or ideas which in effect creates circumstances that are consistent with the Law of Attraction. Think it, believe it, attract it, receive it!

Scientists teach us that the whole universe is made of energy. Energy has frequencies. Thoughts are energy in its primitive stage. Thought energies radiate frequencies just as radio antennas radiate frequencies. The level of thought frequency determines the kind of physical manifestation and circumstance that we have; low thought frequencies correspond to the physical expression of similar frequencies while high thought frequencies correspond to things, people, or circumstance of similar frequencies.

The key to keep in mind is that thoughts are as real as any physical thing. You must be completely convinced as that it is so just as you are convinced that the earth is round. Hold your thoughts long enough and in time you’ll see them manifest in your reality.

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