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Law of Attraction-Starting Out

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To start out you need to learn to control your thoughts, you must remember that negative thoughts produce as much energy as positive thoughts, and what you put out there is what you get back.

It’s hard to break old habits and it’s hard to stop negative thought, but you have to.  If you start believing that everything you want is just a thought away, it will be easier to transition. You must remember though, the energy of the universe doesn’t know what “I don’t want…” means, you have to be specific in what you DO want and erase all negative feeling and thoughts about what you fear.

You have to get rid of the ‘what if’s’ because they too are negative thought.  You must submerse yourself in positive feeling and thoughts. Think of it this way, when you carry negative thoughts and feelings around with you it’s like you are surrounded by a gray cloud, it isn’t hanging over your head it is surrounding your whole being.  By submersing yourself in positive thoughts and feelings, all of a sudden you are surrounded by a bright light, you and see and breathe and there is no heaviness.
Training your mind to concentrate on the positive instead of the negative is a necessary, but often difficult process. People are worriers. It’s a survival thing designed to help us remember and avoid the dangers of life. But being aware of our fears and letting them control our thoughts are two different things. Turning the negative fears into positive thoughts is the key.

Your thoughts are yours. They can be your faithful servants or your masters. Which ever you allow them to be. You have the control, you make your choice. You determine which course your thoughts take. Learning to control your thoughts can be done by learning to control your will. By mastering yourself. Phrases like “I am master of my self” can lead you in the right direction.

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